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About Sahibganj

Nestled closed to River Ganges and the verdant Rajmahal hills, Sahibganj is a Class II town of town and Municipality of Sahebganj district of Jharkhand state. It also serves as the district headquarters. Ideally the name Sahibganj means a place or ganj of Masters who were in native term called Sahebs. As per the locals the place got such a unique name particularly because this place, especially near the railway station, served as an abode for many English and European citizen during the British era. Spread over an area of 1,601 km2 this particular district is a perfect example of lush greenery, verdant flora and fauna and predominant tribal population. Forming the extreme eastern tip , this is mainly a part of Santhal Pargana division.

About Sahibganj
Binduvasini Temple

History of Sahibganj

The history of Sahibganj is closely related to the district itsef which cane into being in 17th May 1983, by a division of two major subdivisions, Pakur and Rajmahal which was initially a part of earlier Santhal Paraganas district. On 28th January 1994, Pakur subdivision was further divided and the present Pakur district was formed. On the other hand in 1592, Raja Man Singh declared Rajmahal subdivision as capital of the great Bengal Subah. However the history of the area is also connected in many ways with the history of several others districts like Deoghar, Dumka, Godda and not to forget Pakur district. The history of Sahibganj has gone through several ups and downs under the rise and fall of rulers making it a historically significant location and an interesting inheritance for the inhabitants of the district. Read More.....................

Geography of Sahibganj

The exact meridians of Sahibganj district is located at 24°42’ and 25°20’ north latitudes and between 87°25’ and 87°54’ east longitudes. It is basically a hilly region with lush greenery spread throughout the region. It remains bounded by district Kathiar and River Ganges on the northern side whereas the southern side is enclosed with district Godda, on the east there is the presence of Murshidabad and Malda districts whereas the western part is bounded by Godda and Bhagalpur districts. The best part of Sahibganj is that it is the only district in Jharkhand through which River Ganga flows . According to Census 2011, Sahibganj district has recorded a total population of 1150038 inhabitants which shows a density of 719 people per sqkm. The literacy rate of Sahibganj is 53.73 percent. Read More....................

Climate of Sahibganj

Hot summers and cool winters characterize the climate of Sahibganj. Due to its elevated land and adverse climatic conditions it receives huge rainfall mainly during the rainy season in the months of July and August. The temperation in the summers rises upto a maximum of 40°C whereas the winters are cool and pleasant with the average temperature hovering around 15°C

Administration of Sahibganj

An overall excellent administration can be viewed in Sahibganj district. The administration of Sahibganj district is divided into two major divisions and they are Rajmahal and Sahibganj. The subdivision Sahibganj is further divided into four blocks which include Sahibganj, Mandro, Borio, Barhait. Likewise, Rajmahal subdivision is divided into 5 blocks which include Taljhari, Rajmahal, Udhwa, Pathna and Barharwa. Rajmahal, Bori and Barhait are the three major Vidhan Sabha constituencies from this region whereas all three are part of the Rajmahal Lok Sabha Constituency. Altogether as explained there are 9 blocks under the umbrella of Sahibganj district which is again further subdivided into 166 circles and 1819 gram Panchayats. Among the total number of villages present 512 are uninhabited and 1307 are inhabited.

Culture of Sahibganj district

Culture of Sahibganj is majorly centered on the inhabitants of the region. Though its a cosmopolitan town , the majority consists of tribals. The town has people from Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand . As a result of this diverse culture is visible in Sahibganj district. The major tribes inhabited in this area are the rarest ones like Sauria Paharia, Maisa Paharia etc. Majorly these tribal population is found on the hill top. Dravidian language is their local language but they also know Hindi language. The tribe is majorly non vegetarians and they eat meat, pork, eggs, fish and chicken. Their staple food is rice, maize jowar are variety of pulses. Mohua oil is used for cooking and they rarely consume tea or milk. Tobacco chewing is quite popular among the tribal people here.

Profile of Sahibganj
Sarhul Folk Dance

Apart from the tribal population, there are people of all caste and creed who believe in their religions and have the full independence in celebrating the same. This is the reason why Sahibganj celebrates all major festivals of Hindu, Muslim, Jains and Christians. The major festivals here include Holi, Diwali, Rakhshabandhan, Ram Nabami, Dusshera, Basant Panchami, Chhatt Puja, Eid-ul-Fitr, Muharram, Sahrul and Sohrai.Various mediums of art are encouraged in Sahibganj district. Folk music and tribal dance forms are the most popular among the tribal people of Sahibganj. The major forms of folk music celebrated here includes Dohari Domkach, Mardana, Daidhara, Pratkali etc and the major forms of dance popular here includes Chou, Natua, Nachni, Agni, Ghatwari, Jadur etc.

Lifestyle in Sahibganj

The way of life of the inhabitants in Sahibganj district is majorly focused on the rich traditions and customs of their clan. The tribal people based here are far away from urbanization the reason why the modern lifestyle has still not penetrated their living ways. Apart from this the town has a considerable population of mixed cultures which acknowledges the modern lifestyle and the benefits of the same. Though urban livelihood has fully not entered the living style of Sahibganj but traces of it can be surely seen. The perfect example of the same is the number of beauty parlors present in the district which enables the people to groom themselves in the perfect way by taking care of their skin body and hair.

Beauty Parlors in Sahibganj

Babi Beauty Parlour
Address: Sahibganj, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816109
Phone: 9837870568

Sanwi Beauty Parlour
Address: Kasim Bazar, Rajmahal, Sahibganj, High School Road
Rajmahal, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816108
Phone: 9955178205

Manju Beauty Parlour
Address: Rajmahal, Sahibganj, Station Road
Rajmahal, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816108
Phone: 9546938906

Moni Beauty Parlour
Address: Bus Stand, Barhait Bazar, Sahibganj
Main Road, Barhait, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816102
Phone: 9608954282

Shree Ganesh Hair Dresser & Gents Parlour
Address: Bus Stand, Barhait Bazar, Sahibganj
Main Road, Barhait, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816102
Phone: 9835956037

Karishma Beauty Parlour

Address: Barharwa, Sahibganj, Main Road
Barharwa, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816101
Phone: 9122060747

Queen Ladies Beauty Parlour & Ladies Store
Address: Barharwa, Sahibganj, Main Road
Barharwa, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816101
Phone: 9939125164

Economy of Sahibganj

Information on SahiganjThe region though shows discouaging economic growth yet it is rich in mineral resources. The major minerals available here are black stone, kaoline, coal, china clay and bentonite. The district contains considerable number of crushers and stone mines. In a approximated value there are around 80 mines and 150 crushers spread across the district area employing quite a large labor force. However some of this mines and crushers in the last few years have become non operational due to technical and operational issues. The black stone of this area is again one of superior quality with a considerable demand in South Asian countries. Apart from black stone, Kaoline and Bentonite are also exported to South Asian countries.

The second most prominent industry which has maintained the economy of Sahibganj is the cottage and village industries which are mainly supported by the Paharis and the Santhals living in this hilly region. Tasar rearing, black smith work, handloom weaving, carpentry, bidi making, rope making, earthen ware making, stone ware making and many others are some of the few examples of work done here boosting the small scale industries based here. The town of Sahibganj has been serving the district for long as a primary center of trade and commerce. A popular business in this town is the wholesale business of foodgrains. The major food grains imported in this district includes linseed, tobacco, mustard seed, sugar, raw cotton, unrefined and refined molasses, kerosene oil, salt, gunny bags, coal, wheat, coke gram and maize. The major exported item from Sahibganj are jawar, paddy,grass, sabai, hides, stone chips, kaolin, fibers and bentonite.

The most important mode of income in Sahibganj is the agricultural business which in turn also support the agro based industries present in the district. The total cultivable area of Sahibganj is 1,03,049.46 hectares. It is the irrigation facility and the excellent loamy soils which increase the fertility of the area and that is why a considerable business in this genre is done by the people of the district. The major khariff crops planted here includes Paddy, Urad, Moong, Maize, Arhar Groundnut, Jowar, Bajra, Soyabean, Til, and Mahua. Apart from this there are Rabi crops which includes Wheat, Rai, Tisi, Gram and Sunflower. A wide variety of horticulture crops are sown here too. Some of the popular vegetable horticulture crops of this region includes Cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, brinjal, chilli, ladies finger, bottle gourd, ridge gourd, sponge gourd, cucumber, bottle gourd and French beans. Among fruits one can find Mango, Citrus, Custard Apple and Papaya.

Other than agriculture livestock business like poultry farming, animal husbandry and piggery are quite popular here. However the quality of livestock is not at all good. Even the cows here are of local variety producing quite low quantity of milk. However to raise the grade of the cattles some artificial insemination centers have been opened in multiple locations of the district to boost the dairy industry. Fishery business is also a prominent supplementary income in this region. The extensive banks of River Ganges collects huge amount of fish pawn and are ideal for fishing. The Barhait valley provides spawn of Rohu, Catfish Katla, Mirga and Hilsa

Food in Sahibganj

The food preference of the people of Sahibganj includes both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Their style of cuisine and choice of food are extremely light to stomach and easy digest. It is true that many of the dishes available here are spicy and rich but as an everyday meal they prefer simple and less spicy dishes. The cuisine of Sahibganj consist of their local food as well as it shows influence of the nearby diverse cultures. Various kinds of lentils, rice, roti, leafy vegetables , fish, eggs, meat are some of their staple food. Other popular dishes of people here are Pua, Kanda, Rugra, Bamboo shoots or Sadhna, pechki, joki, handua, Dubhni Roti, Dhuska and others. The tribal people often use jhirrol or drumstick flowers to make their vegetable curries. Apart from the usual dishes of Sahibganj one can also find restaurants of Sahibganj too. There are availability of Chinese cuisine and North Indian food in these restaurants.

White House Restaurant
Address: White House Hotel, Bengalitola
Sahibganj, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816109
Phone: 6436-223355

Vishal Restaurant & Bar
Address: Rajmahal, Sahibganj, Station Road
Rajmahal, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816108
Phone: 9931436487

Ruchi Restautant

Address: Barharwa, Sahibganj, Main Road
Barharwa, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816101
Phone: 7870806543

Snacks in Sahibganj

Like the main dishes or a full coarse meal, there is a huge demand of the delicious snacks available here. Litti and Chokha is one of the famous dishes of the locality with many food stalls providing the same. Bakery products, cakes and pastries are also equally popular here. A delicious cup to tea with mouth watering snacks like samosa, baiganee, aloo chop, pyaji, pakora is a must taste in Sahibhanj.

MAA Raksha Kali Sweets & Snacks
Address: Barharwa, Sahibganj, Main Road
Barharwa, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816101
Phone: 9097970149

Arjun Modi

Address: Sahibganj, Borio, Jharkhand, Main Road
Borio, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816120
Phone: 9693679171


Address: Link Road, Sahibganj
Industrial Area, Dabur Mohan Nagar
Sahibganj Jharkhand 816109
Phone: 6436-437184

Anil Cake Shop

Address: Barharwa, Sahibganj, Main Road
Barharwa, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816101
Phone: 9122929975

Sweets in Sahibganj

Deserts are an important part of any cuisine. In fact it provides completeness to the whole meal. The meal available at Sahibganj is also completed with a tasty variety of sweet dishes. Some of the best sweets available here includes gud chidwa, rose cake, mitha khaja etc. Some of the best sweet shops here are mentioned below.

Krishna Sweets
Address: Sahibganj, Borio, Jharkhand, Main Road
Borio, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816120
Phone: 9608978531

Dilip Sweets
Address: Rajmahal, Sahibganj, Station Road
Rajmahal, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816108
Phone: 9162900797

Milan Sweets
Address: Rajmahal, Sahibganj, Station Road
Rajmahal, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816108
Phone: 9973204881

Gupta Sweets
Address: Tinpahar, Sahibganj, Station Road
Tinpahar, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816116
Phone: 7352052864

Arvind Canteen
Address: Barharwa, Sahibganj, Main Road
Barharwa, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816101
Phone: 9955227700

Mohan Mistanna Bhandar

Address: Barharwa, Sahibganj, Main Road
Barharwa, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816101
Phone: 9122928318

Tripti Mishtanna Bhandar
Address: Barharwa, Sahibganj, Main Road
Barharwa, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816101
Phone: 7870665074

Gupta Sweets
Address: Barharwa, Sahibganj, Main Road
Barharwa, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816101
Phone: 9631617900

Dipak Sweets
Address: Barharwa, Sahibganj, Subzi Mandi Road
Barharwa, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816101
Phone: 9955378593

Healthcare Services in Sahibganj

Hospitals in Sahibganj
Healthcare in Sahibganj

Health administration is an important part of any well administered city. The same is true for Sahibganj too. Medical facilities in Sahebganj are quite good with considerable number of health care units to support proper medical treatment of the people here. Well qualified doctors are also present in Sahibganj to support proper medical treatment. To support the functionality of Hospital there are various sub centers, Primary Health Centre and Additional Primary Health Centre. The major hospitals in Sahibganj are mentioned below.

Sadar Hospital
A-1,Police Line, Sardar Hospital Road
Near Sahibganj Fire Station
Sahibganj, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816109
Phone: 6436-222050

Surya Nursing Home
1, J. N. Roy Road, Main Road Sahibganj
Sahibganj Jharkhand 816109
Phone: 6436-222323

Allopathic Treatments in Sahibganj

Apart from regular Allopathic treatment alternate medicines are also quite popular in Sahibganj. More because the cost of treatment is much low in alternate medicines and at the same time they are effective too. In Alternate Medicine there is a huge popularity of ayurvedic medicines which are known to cure some of the critical and chronic diseases. Two popular and experienced Ayurvedic doctors in Sahibganj are mentioned below.

Shakuntala Sahay
A-1,JAI Prakash Nagar, Sakrugarh, Main Road
Near Kiran Provision Store
Sahibganj, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816109
Phone: 6436-222227

Sikander Prasad Yadav
A-1,JAI Prakash Nagar, Sakrugarh, Main Road
Near Kiran Provision Store
Sahibganj, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816109
Phone: 6436-222550

Homeopathic Treatments in Sahibganj

Just like Ayurvedic treatment, Homeopathic medical treatment is also preferred by many people in Sahibganj. This is an old stream of medicine and known to cure many difficult health problems. Some homeopathic doctors in Sahibganj are mentioned below.

Abdul Ahmed
A-1,Masjid Road, Lc Road, Sahibganj
Near District Cricket Association Sahibganj
Sahibganj Jharkhand 816109
Phone: 6436-222195

Geeta Homeo Clinic
Rajmahal, Sahibganj, Station Road
Rajmahal, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816108
Phone: 9504812393

Dr Bijan Kumar Sen
Barharwa, Sahibganj, Main Road, Barharwa
Sahibganj Jharkhand 816101
Phone: 9308467214

Pathlabs in Sahibganj

One major part of good medical treatment is the presence of reputed pathology labs which helps in diagnosing the disease and its stage. It is practically the backbone of medical care. In Sahibganj there are quite a few reputed and best rated pathology labs listed below.

Rajmahal Patho Lab
Rajmahal, Sahibganj, Station Road, Rajmahal
Sahibganj Jharkhand 816108
Phone: 9939730902

Noor Pathology

Rajmahal, Sahibganj, Station Road
Rajmahal, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816108
Phone: 9931260948

Kumar Pathological Laboratory

Rajmahal, Sahibganj, Station Road
Rajmahal, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816108
Phone: 9955435763

National Pathology

Tinpahar, Sahibganj, Station Road
Tinpahar, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816116
Phone: 9939139948

Mandal Patho Lab

Tinpahar, Sahibganj, Station Road
Tinpahar, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816116
Phone: 9199878991

Royal Pathology

Sahibganj, Borio, Jharkhand, Main Road
Borio, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816120
Phone: 9631655577

Sports in Sahibganj

Sports activity in Sahibganj may not have the best exposure but the people are aware of the benefits of sports and that is why the same is encouraged in a huge way. There are no clubs or big coaching centers to give training on the various sports popular in the country but it is the schools and the colleges which promote such activity in a huge way. The schools have special classes on sports and they organize small tournaments within schools or with other districts to promote the same within the children of the area. Sports activity near proper sports gear and in Sahibganj district there are limited sports stores to support the same. Even the sports stores based here have limited branded products and they mainly have local items in their shops. The two shops based here selling sports items are listed below.

Ajay Sports
Address: Sahibganj, Borio, Jharkhand, Main Road
Borio, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816120
Phone: 9608130904

Sports Centre

Arya Market, Near Cinema Hall, Barharwa
Sahibganj, Barharwa, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816101
Phone: 8002460856, 9835395036

Society in Sahibganj

Growth and development of any region is essentially dependent on its inhabitants of the area. So for social upliftment, up gradation of backward classes and to eliminate social discrimination in the society there are organizations and institutions that come forward to help the needy ones. Like every society, such imbalance in social enviourment is visible in Sahibganj district too which are taken care of by the few social organizations based here.

Swami Vevekanand Janjatiya Uthhan Samiti
Address: Sakrugarhst. Xaviers Roadsahibganj
Sahibganj Jharkhand 816109
Phone: 9910272102

Shiksha Evam Kalyan Samiti
Address: Rajmahal Roadsahebganj, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816101
Phone: 9339287349

Tourism in Sahibganj

Tourism in Sahibganj one of the most entertaining activities which pull in a lot of visitors every year. Infact it is one of the prominent tourist destination of Jharkhand state especially for its historical and religious sightseeing spots. Apart from the scenic beauty and natural extravaganza in the backdrop of excellent climate there are multiple tourism spots like Rajmahal, Jama Masjid, Mangalhat, Binduvasini temple, Shivgadi, Raksisthan, Moti Jharna , Udhwa Bird Sanctuary and many others. The places are interesting and most of them express a foregone historical tale. No doubt the location is interesting and leaves the visitors with a pleasant and memorable experience.

Transport in Sahibganj

Transport in Sahibganj
Sahibganj Railway Station

Transport facility in Sahibganj is quite good which is a positive factor that ensures better growth and development in the area. Sahibganj can be communicated by all major modes of transport like through airways, railways, roadways and waterways.

By Air
The nearest airport to Sahibganj is the Patna airport, based at a distance of 324km from the heart of the city. There is also a presence of Ranchi airport at a distance of 419km and Kolkata airport having a domestic as well as international terminal at a distance of 421km from Sahebganj. All these airport connects multiple prominent cities of the country and have regular flights. However the distance from airport to Sahebganj can be travelled by private taxis available outside the airport premises for the district. Also one can find government buses both from Patna and Ranchi for Sahibganj.

By Railways
Sahibganj has its own railway station named as Sahibganj Junction Railway Station. It connects Sahibganj to various other cities within the State and beyond. Based on Bhagalpur- Rampurhat rail route there are various express and passenger trains which passes through it. Some of the popular destinations covered by the trains running through Sahibganj are Gaya, Sealdah, Malda, Rampur Hat, Delhi, Jamalpur Junction, Ranchi, Guwahati etc.

By Roadways
The exact location of Sahibganj is on the National Highway 80 between the popular cities Kahalgaon and Maharajpur. The city has good road connection that connects various prominent places in and around Sahibganj. There are excellent bus services which connect popular places like Hazaribagh, Bhagalpur, Ranchi, Gaya, Tatanagar etc. Apart from this one can have car rental services in Sahibganj to have a personalized vehicle to travel distances. Such car rental services can be availed from

Rohit Travels
Address: Sahibganj, Sahibganj Jharkhand 816109
Phone: 9835933160

By Waterways
Ferry services are quite popular in Sahibganj district. The Rajmahal ghat in Sahibganj connects with Manihari ghat of Kathiar district and with Manikchak ghat of Malda district.

The local transports of Sahibganj are unmetered taxi, cycle rickshaws and few auto services.

Utilities and Services in Sahibganj

Sahibganj is facilitated with plenty of services to make the place more habitable and suitable for the inhabitants of the area. Facilities are available in every sector starting from healthcare to education, emergency services to courier services, financial institutions to municipality services and many others. Some of such services are listed below.

Banks in Sahibganj

Banking organization is very important in every district because it helps in providing economical growth and investing of public money. All kinds of financial transactions can be done through the banks based here. Even short term and long term investments in the banks help the investors with monetary benefits. Some of the popular banks based here are Sbi Bank, Uco bank, Canara Bank, HDFC Bank and many others.

Bank Of Baroda , Kauri Khutabari
Ifsc Code : Barb0kaurik
Micr Code : Non Micr
Address : Bhagaiya  Dist.Sahebganj, Jharkhand - 816 120.
Phone: 06436 274549

Bank Of India , Radhanagar(Raj)
Ifsc Code : Bkid0004464
Micr Code : 816013601
Address : Vill. & Po. Radhanagar , Block - Udhwa
Via - Barharwa, Distt. Sahibganj, Jharkhand-816 101

Central Bank Of India , Sahibganj
Ifsc Code : Cbin0280077
Micr Code : Non-Micr
Address : J.N. Road, P.O. Sahibganj, Dist- Sahibganj, Jharkhand-816109
Phone: 06436-222046

Punjab National Bank , Sahibganj
Ifsc Code : Punb0612000
Micr Code : Non-Micr
Address : Sahibganj Jharkhand 816109
Phone: 9939956711

State Bank Of India , Sahibganj
Ifsc Code : Sbin0002915
Micr Code : 816002602
Address : Dist Sahibganj, Jharkhand 816109
Phone: IP: 06426-278303

State Bank Of India , Borio

Ifsc Code : Sbin0003514
Micr Code : 816002605
Address : Dist,Sahibganj,Jharkhandpin,816107
Phone: 06436-252115

Gas Connection in Sahibganj

Cooking Gas is a necessity in todays date and almost all household need LPG cylinders for their convenience. LPG gas can be availed from both local and branded companies like HP Gas services. The dealers which help in availing the service in Sahibganj are listed below.

Bhola Stores
Address: Barharwa, Sahibganj, Main Road
Barharwa, Sahibganj - 816101
Phone: 8084215101

Hembrom HP Gas Service

Address: Kashim Bazar, Rajmahal
Sahibganj, High School Road, Rajmahal, Sahibganj - 816108
Phone: 9973393977

Hembrom Hp Gas Service

Address: Cassim Bazar,
Rajmahal, Sahibganj - 816108
Phone: 6426-228220

Petrol Pumps in Sahibganj

Sahibganj district has some of the reputed petrol pumps in the area. The petrol pumps atre franchise of branded companies like Indian Oil and Bharat petroleum and they have been serving the district for years.

Mohanlal Nand Kishore
Address: Sahibganj,
Near Jirwabadi Police Line Sahibganj - 816109
Phone: 6436-222069

Oil Centre
Address: Barharwa, Near Tentuli More
Sahibganj – 816101

Sankat Mochan Filling Station
Address: Begampura Rajmahal Tinpahar Road,
Sahibganj, Sahibganj - 816109
Phone: 9006959175

MAA Gayatri Petrol Pump
Address: Mirzachowki Kirtania Road,
Mirzachowki, Sahibganj - 813208
Phone: 8271281263

Shivlaxmi Fuel Station
Address: Nimgachi Post-Tinpahar
Ps-Rajmahal, Tinpahar, Sahibganj - 816116
Phone: 9801970676

Choudhary Fuels
Address: Barharwa Rajmahal Road,
Sahibganj, Barharwa, Sahibganj - 816101
Phone: 9939555571

Photo Studios in Sahibganj

Sahibganj is facilitated with a lot of services of which one is the exclusive photo studios with skilled photographs and high end equipments. The photo studios have latest services like one minute photo and photoshop adjustments in their studios. Some popular photo studios here are listed below.

Digital Jyoti Studio & Photostat
Address: Kashim Bazar, Rajmahal, Sahibganj,
Station Road, Rajmahal, Sahibganj - 816108
Phone: 9006202295

Sony Studio
Address: Main Market, Tinpahar, Sahibganj,
Main Road, Tinpahar, Sahibganj - 816116
Phone: 9430166069

Raj Studio

Address: Main Market, Tinpahar, Sahibganj,
Main Road, Tinpahar, Sahibganj - 816116
Phone: 8002510923

Daya Digital Studio

Address: Bus Stand, Barhait, Sahibganj,
Main Road, Barhait, Sahibganj - 816102
Phone: 7677827520

Raj Studio & Photostat

Address: Bus Stand, Barhait Bazar, Sahibganj,
Main Road, Barhait, Sahibganj - 816102
Phone: 8102256375

Catering Services in Sahibganj

Every occasion is highlighted with delicious cuisine and the same happens in Sahibganj too. However in this district the best of cuisines in social functions and gatherings are provided by the exclusive and reputed caterers based here.

Active Caterers
Address: Sahibganj, Gandhi Chowk Sahibganj - 816109
Phone: 9431312082

Security Services in Sahibganj

Security Services is one of the primary services for any well administered society. Sahibganj district being no different requires good services and the same is provided by Jharkhand Police and its officers. The team of Sahibganj is being directed by Superintendent of Police and its team. The main aim of the department is to ensure implementation of law and order in the district, smooth functioning of administrative units and welfare programs, and ensure protection of government properties. The details of police stations in the district are listed below for reference

Superintendent of Police
Phone: 06436 222160

Dy Superintendent of Police
Phone: 06436 222099

Muffasil PS : 9470591086

Town PS : 9470591084

To conclude Sahibganj is one of the most sought after and potentially sound part of Jharkhand state. It has good prospects for growth and development in many sectors which are yet not possible because of less infrastructure to execute the same. However state administration has taken a note on the same and working towards developing the area. Tourism is one of the most interesting aspect here since there are many interesting tourist spots and excellent climate for a lovely vacation.

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